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Deer  Hunts
For more info, or to book a hunt, please email me @ GormanRanches@gmail.com
Typically I can respond to email or text faster but you can also call me @ 817-903-0350 (Matt)
At GormanRanches we offer some outstanding 100% free-range whitetail deer hunting at some of the best rates in the state! We have a great management plan, and feed system, in place to help our deer thrive. There's plenty of cover also, from mesquites to hardwoods, including beautiful, huge, old oak and pecan trees. 
 We have big new blinds, roomy enough for 2+ hunters, and all of the blinds have two office chairs in them. At each blind there's a feeder that feeds twice per day, every day. Expect to see from a few deer, to dozens of deer, per sit.
 At NO extra cost our hunters can enjoy all of the comforts of home in our newly remodeled, fully furnished, 3-bedroom lodge! The campfire in the back yard is the perfect place to relax and unwind.
 We keep pressure low and our blinds are setup for hunters, by hunters! 

*Weekend trophy buck hunts: $1,800 (Fri afternoon-Sunday noon or any 3 weekdays). Included: 1 buck (hunters choice!), 1 doe, no-limit hogs and predators, lodging, and guides help. NO kill or trophy fees no matter what your buck scores!

*4 day trophy buck hunts: $2,500 (Example: Fri afternoon-Mon noon). Included: 1 buck (hunters choice!), 1 doe, NO limit hogs and predators, lodging, guides help. NO kill or trophy fees no matter what your buck scores!

*Weekend meat hunts: $800 (2 hunter minimum). Included: 2 does, NO limit hogs and predators, lodging, guides help. NO kill fees, trophy fees or other hidden fees.

*Price includes nice furnished lodging, guide, tracking help, blind transportation , etc. All deposits are nonrefundable/transferable. Cash only for final payment. GUIDES TIP/GRATUITY are VERY much appreciated and are not included in pricing. Please note that additional days must be added prior to your hunt. 

*There's a lit cleaning pole with winches and water hose at the lodge. You can take care of your animals or we can quarter them for you ($40).

​ *You can use the caliber of your choice but we recommend a .270 or bigger.

*Archery hunters welcomed! 

*Ask about adding days to your hunt. 

  >Hunting license/Hunters safety
  >Cooler for meat (no walk-in available)
  >Mosquito Repellent 
  >Scent killer spray  
  >Grunt tube, doe urine, etc
  >We recommend bringing an AT&T phone 
  or two way radio. (not required)
  >Cash for final payment (we do not accept
checks or cc's)
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